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Starfish can crawl over a meal like a clam, force open it and start eating it. Another cool thing about starfish is that it has no teeth. It simply digests its meal and receives nutrients from its meal. A friend of mine even thinks that a starfish is not an animal but a rock.

Starfish is also known as a sea star, they aren’t actually a fish but are echinoderms, and they belong to the household of Asteroidea. There are approximately 1,800 species of starfishes in the world. A number of them don’t even look like celebrity. A normal profile of a starfish is that it usually has five arms. But some specie has more than five arms.

The Philippine starfish is usually hard and have horns. They are rather abundant in the Philippines. Certain processes will need to be followed so it can be preserved for a long time period. The Philippine starfish is one of the most easily preserved specie of starfish.

Proper classification and processing of this Philippine Starfish are extremely important, ignore this, and you wind up with a rotten, smelly starfish. Our processes employ’s a union of both traditional and contemporary way of preserving and cleaning starfishes.

Packaging also plays an essential role in this enterprise. We should think about the transport time from our warehouse to its destination. Again if we ignore this, molds would certainly develop, and it’s very important to incorporate a desiccant into the packaging to stop moldings.

We have this tendency to associate things from the sea as giving us some type of a calming effect as it will remind us of the ocean. The sea is truly a magical location. It may comfort us and calms us. What better way than to bring a monster in the sea into our homes to remind us about the pleasures we connect with the sea. Another fantastic fact about Starfishes is that most species can regenerate, remember the spider man movie. The villainous lizard has this quality of growing damaged limbs.

Starfish is one of the most lonely creatures around, you need to know why? It is because they can reproduce even without a partner. For us humans it would be a curse to be lonely, but for a starfish, it is a necessity to ensure the survival of its population.

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